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name for the codes of rules governing social or diplomatic intercourse. These codes vary from the more or less flexible laws of social usage (differing according to local customs or taboos) to the rigid conventions of court and military circles, and they extend to the legal, medical, and other professions. All cultures include forms of etiquette; often, etiquette has been used to enforce class distinctions, as well as safeguarding against conflict in social interactions.


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He listens in his subdued, courteous way; but he makes no inquiries about our relatives; he shows no interest in the arrival of the Government yacht and the Commissioner for Northern Lights.
He was beloved by all the countryside, for he was kindly and courteous to all, and was "aye the gentleman." He would sit and talk with a poor man in his cottage, listening to his tales of long ago, with the same ease and friendliness as he would entertain the great in his own beautiful house.
He had been on crusades, had fought the courteous Saladin, had been in prison, and often in peril.
And once more his heart warmed toward the courteous stranger.
His mother had two long conversations with Mills on his passage through Paris and had heard of me (I knew how that thick man could speak of people, he interjected ambiguously) and his mother, with an insatiable curiosity for anything that was rare (filially humorous accent here and a softer flash of teeth), was very anxious to have me presented to her(courteous intonation, but no teeth).
She couldn't get old; and across the table her thirty-year-old son who couldn't get sleep sat listening with courteous detachment and the narrowest possible line of white underlining his silky black moustache.
He said this respect and goodwill, is the result of honest, courteous and courageous behaviour of our field officers.
Duterte said Japan is a 'very disciplined country' with a 'very courteous society,' noting the Japanese custom of bowing to show respect.
He was the Labour MP for Birmingham Ladywood from 1964 until 1977, before joining ITV, where he is remembered for his "exhaustive but courteous" technique.
The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has reminded tax officers nationwide to be more efficient and courteous in attending to the needs of taxpayers who will be trooping to regional and district offices to submit their 2018 income tax returns (ITR).
I was very pleased to observe the courteous and efficient service of the staff of this branch.
Summary: New Delhi [India] Dec 28 (ANI): With an extensive network of 52 domestic and 15 international stations, IndiGo has ensured that its staff is given regular coaching to make customers' experience more courteous and hassle-free.