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overall, overall dimension

A total outer dimension of a building material, including any projection, such as a tongue.
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A Wear Test Questionnaire was provided along with a coverall to the six testing participants.
To ensure other women wouldn't have to go through the same experience in the future, Woods finally put her idea for a female-friendly coverall to market.
For those of you wondering, “What is a coverall anyway?
As per Note 4 of MRC Q-1R, MIP 6641/103-C2, "Fire protective gear/firefighter's coverall associated with steam protective ensemble is to be utilized for steam casualties only.
Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System utilises scientifically developed methods to reduce the risk of germ transmission and eliminate disease-causing pathogens.
According to the company, Kimtech Pure A5 (non-sterile) Coveralls are a high-quality, affordable solution for many cleanroom needs.
These initiatives include NOMEX uniforms for Soldiers in convoy operations, flame-resistant coveralls for Soldiers operating combat vehicles, a fire-resistant combat shirt to be worn under the interceptor body armor, and a fire-resistant Army combat uniform (ACU).
David Harrison, Coverall manager said TVH was very positive about the cover.
Why not try your luck on the big pounds 1 million coverall jackpot game on Wednesday nights at 9pm?
Additionally, Jacqueline Prude, a 6 year franchisee with the Coverall Franchise in the Detroit area offers this personal testimony to women considering a franchise vs.
Coverall Cleaning Concepts has cleaned more than 7,000 healthcare facilities, with a healthcare cleaning program specialized to meet the needs of each customer.
The ultralight coverall can be slipped on for a quick morning hunt, or you can pack it in for dressing on stand--thanks to its built-in zippered pack that can store the entire suit in most fanny packs or daypacks.