covered joint

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lap joint

lap joint, 2
1. A joint in which one board, plank, metal plate, etc., overlaps the edge of another piece; the overlapping part of each member is cut away to half thickness, resulting in flush surfaces.
2. A joint formed by placing one piece partly over another and uniting the overlapped portions.
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The NCRPA provides for evaluation of all covered joint ventures under a standard of reasonableness.
The statute might have provided stronger guidance on how the rule of reason is to be applied to covered joint ventures.
The statute defines a covered joint venture in a somewhat convoluted way.
Note that a covered joint venture does not have to be in any particular legal form.
When agreements are fashioned to provide fair protection to the parties to covered joint ventures, the phrase should not be interpreted restrictively to defeat the success of ventures formed in good faith under it by denying statutory protection to such agreements.
The statute's definition of covered joint ventures specifically provides that "activities ...