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see cattlecattle,
name for the ruminant mammals of the genus Bos, and particularly those of the domesticated species, Bos taurus and B. indica. The term oxen, broadly used, refers also to closely related animals, such as the buffalo and the bison.
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; dairyingdairying,
business of producing, processing, and distributing milk and milk products. Ninety percent of the world's milk is obtained from cows; the remainder comes from goats, buffaloes, sheep, reindeer, yaks, and other ruminants.
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a female horned bovine animal which has calved. A female that has not yet calved is called a heifer. Cows are used to reproduce cattle herds and to produce milk and meat. The term “cow” is sometimes applied to the females of some other large even-toed ungulate species, such as deer and moose.

What does it mean when you dream about a cow?

The appearance of a cow in a dream may indicate passive, docile, or fertile aspects. It may also indicate nourishment and fulfillment if the cows are waiting to be milked. To dream of contentedly grazing cows usually signifies prosperity and happiness.


A domestic bovine of any sex or age.
(vertebrate zoology)
A mature female cattle of the genus Bos.


1. the mature female of any species of cattle, esp domesticated cattle
2. the mature female of various other mammals, such as the elephant, whale, and seal
3. any domestic species of cattle


(Controlled Access Unit) An intelligent hub from IBM for Token Ring networks. Failed nodes are identified by the hub and reported via IBM's LAN Network Manager software.


A file system feature that makes modifications to separate copies of data when updating is required. Data being read are shared by pointers to one master set. However, when changes are made by one of the applications or users, a copy of the data is made, and the copy is updated. Eventually, the copy is written to the master set. Copy-on-write (COW) is used when data can be slightly out-of-date for a short period of time. See file system and Btrfs.


In our dreams, this simple domestic animal can represent a variety of very important and deeply felt issues. In some cultures the cow is a sacred symbol, representing divine qualities of fertility, nourishment and motherhood. Consider the details in your dream and make attempts to identify the individual, (it could be you), to whom the symbolism applies. Additional characteristics to consider when interpreting a dream with cows as one of the primary symbols are passivity, docility, and general contentment with life. The cow is mostly a positive dream symbol, and superstition-based dream interpretations say that grazing cows are symbols of prosperity, contentment, and happiness.
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