cow barn

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cow barn, cow house, cow shed

A dependency used to house cattle.
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The panelists were unaware that the cheese samples were identical, and rated the pungency of the blue cheese significantly higher in the cow barn setting than in the sensory booth or the virtual park bench.
"An early morning dog walker spotted it before it got hold of the cow barn."
The estate contained a greenhouse, dairy barn, cow barn, wagon shed, stables, farmer's cottage and a hennery.
John Lloyd's Museum of Curiosity Live Underbelly Cow Barn Saturday until August 24 THE Radio 4 panel show starts its Fringe run tomorrow.
David Kennedy is the latest and arguably best-known name to join this community, and the first tenant of the newly restored Old Cow Barn, one-time milking shed and now the focus for the artisan hub being created here.
One mow was over the cow barn and granary, and we could take the pulley down using a ladder.
Then we made a sweep of the other barns--the long, tall tobacco barn, the cow barn, the creamery, and the icehouse.
The Barn at Gelliwrgan Farm, Ynysybwl, which dates back to 1660 was originally used as a cow barn before being used for storage until the Dunfords bought it 12 years ago.
There are more than 60 of them now, tucked away in assorted large and airy boxes behind the great girders of the cow barn in a style which owes a lot more to functionality than it ever did to aesthetics.
''They don't become noisy when strangers come to the cow barn. They're calm.''