cow barn

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cow barn, cow house, cow shed

A dependency used to house cattle.
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Vicky and Peter have designed the Old Cow Barn also as a means of informing visitors about traditional production methods, and it includes a market passage and walkway with huge picture windows through which visitors can see artisans at work.
There are more than 60 of them now, tucked away in assorted large and airy boxes behind the great girders of the cow barn in a style which owes a lot more to functionality than it ever did to aesthetics.
They don't become noisy when strangers come to the cow barn.
His interest in sustainable farming has led him to try a number of unconventional measures on his 868-cow dairy farm, including solar heating a cow barn, water conservation and recycling.
The cow barn was converted into a studio, and Shawn installed the big mirrors and barres from his Westport place.
She refused to take up residence in his home, insisting upon making a niche in the cow barn her dwelling.
Some labs - a former Army barracks or converted cow barn - never were more than makeshift.
A tight but well-ventilated old cow barn that will stay above freezing if it is full of cows would not be the best place for a lone milk cow.
The Cre8 Barn at Yorkshire Wildlife Trust's Stirley Community Farm, Hall Bower, is the Retrofit Projects winner in the prestigious UK Passivhaus Awards 2015 Bolster Moor firm Green Building Store designed and refurbished the derelict cow barn, transforming it into an eco-friendly educational centre and space.
It is performed at the Underbelly's E4 Cow Barn until August 26 (not 15) at 2.