cow shed

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cow barn, cow house, cow shed

A dependency used to house cattle.
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The group meets every Monday between 10am and 4pm, with members free to pop in at their own convenience and use the tools provided, including large workbenches for which the ingenious bases are the original iron cattle stalls, once part of the cow shed.
First impressions: I loved the decor in The Cow Shed. The wooden walls and industrial looking seating really had the feel of a chic barn.
Shortly after it opened, the reviewer from our sister paper the Birmingham Mail wrote: "The interior has been designed to look like you are sitting inside a cow shed, complete with corrugated metal sheets.
A mountain of muck from the cow shed was piled high in the yard and loaded into the muck spreader before being carted off to the meadows.
Sean Hanson Used to stand in the cow shed with my cousin in the sixties.
The only way fans could make themselves heard in the past was by screaming from the Kop, Street End or Cow Shed. And while that made a difference, fans' voices are now heard more loudly than ever before.
A Byron is also an old English word for a cow shed. The famous poet has links with the North East.
When the Steel family decided to renovate a derelict old tower being used as a cow shed, they knew it would be a massive task.
Ayr skipper McLaughlin raced towards the Cow Shed but slipped, prompting laughter from the home fans, before changing direction and charging towards Millen in the away dugout.
LOCATED at Tughall Steads, near Newton-by-the-Sea in Northumberland, the Moo House and the Cow Shed is a recently renovated stone barn owned by Fiona McKeith of Coastal Retreats.
They managed to stop the flames from spreading to a cow shed only feet away.