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in American history. 1 Tory marauders, adherents to the British cause in the American Revolution, who fought in the contested area of Westchester co., N.Y. Their opposite numbers, who favored the Revolutionary cause and who operated in the same territory at the same period, were called skinners. 2 Mounted men employed as herders on cattle ranches of the American West. They were more important and picturesque in the days before the vast ranches were fenced, when their duties consisted of driving cattle to pasture and water, branding them at the roundup, protecting them from wild animals and thieves, and driving them to the shipping point. See rodeorodeo
, public exhibition of the skill of cowboys in various activities. Events include riding broncos, riding steers, "bulldogging" steers, roping and tying steers and calves, the use of the lasso, and other less closely related activities such as contests of marksmanship.
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Lunn's, whose pretty daughter Sally had been an early flame of his, and, when the church-goers were at a safe distance, to abstract the guineas from their wooden box and slip them into a small canvas bag--nothing easier than to call to the cowboy that he was going, and tell him to keep an eye on the house for fear of Sunday tramps.
Four hundred Dallas Cowboys edition Ford F-150s are ready to take to the gridiron a touchdown for Ford and the Dallas Cowboys, and the ultimate ride for Texas football fans.
This is accomplished by lobbying for the passage of a national resolution designating the fourth Saturday of every July as a permanent celebration on the national calendar honoring cowboys and cowgirls for their enduring contribution to the courageous, pioneering spirit of America.
But it wasn't enough to stop some of the most fervent Mexican fans of the Dallas Cowboys from traversing them to get to a game.
They seem to be cowboys, but the men in this drawing are clean-shaven and bathing.
be cowboys, riding stick ponies and shooting "bad guys.
An audio cd of music packs added punch to the review of Western cowboy music's development and colorful characters in SINGING COWBOYS, which charts a bygone era when cowboys sang, yodeled, and were active members of the real West.
White, author of numerous published articles concerning Roy Rogers and cowboys in film, presents King of the Cowboys, Queen of the West, an in-depth biography of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, two of twentieth-century America's most celebrated personifications of the American West mythos in popular culture and entertainment.
So many titles have been written on cowboy history that one might wonder at the need for yet another, but here's an oversized photo tribute which stands out from the crowd, surveying both myths and realities of the cowboy on and off-screen, including assessments of cowboys around the world, ranching roots, cowboy film, and cowboy representation in literature.
Now she inoculates cows by day, spends cold nights checking calving heifers by the headlights of her pickup truck, and finds spare time to write iambic pentameter for cowboys and couplets for cowpokes.