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name for plants of the borageborage
, common name for the Boraginaceae, a family of widely distributed herbs and some tropical shrubs or trees characterized by rough or hairy stems, four-part fruits, and usually fragrant blossoms.
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, marsh marigoldmarsh marigold,
perennial spring-blooming Old World and North American plant (Caltha palustris) of the family Ranunculaceae (buttercup family), found in wet places. It has rounded glossy leaves and large buttercuplike flowers of bright and shining yellow.
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, and primroseprimrose,
common name for the genus Primula of the Primulaceae, a family of low perennial herbs with species found on all continents, most frequently in north temperate regions.
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marsh marigold

marsh marigold

WARNING (note- there is another plant also called cowslip) Yellow buttercup-like flowers with hollow stem that grows near water. This plant can blister skin, but if used correctly, has been used for coughs and snakebite. Laxative and diuretic. TOXIC unless boiled in multiple changes of water. Be careful. Survival food if boiled. There is another plant called Marsh Marigold (Caltha leptosepala)

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Colorful, edible flower with sweet, bland taste. Note there is another plant also called Cowslip (Marsh Marigold) which isn’t the same.
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symbol of beauty. [Flower Symbolism: Jobes, 377]
See: Beauty
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1. a primrose, Primula veris, native to temperate regions of the Old World, having fragrant yellow flowers
2. US and Canadian another name for marsh marigold
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The early flowering cowslip has an important role to play in our world of wildlife because it provides nectar for spring flying insects.
Cowslips are often mistaken for Oxslips (Primula elatior), which is a hybrid between Cowslip and Primrose (Primula vulgaris).
The attentiongrabbing snake's head fritillary, above,and rare cowslip primrose
They are really easy to grow, flourishing in virtually any situation provided they are planted in rich soil, although cowslips favour freedraining soil and the Asiatic types provide a riot of colour in heavy soil.
B Pulmonaria rubra, Christmas cowslip, heralds the new gardening year
The cover of the book depicts Cecily Parsley, a rabbit, pushing a wheelbarrow, while a picture inside shows her making cowslip wine.
John's Wort); Chwys Mair (Mary's Sweat neu Buttercup); Llysiau'r Forwyn (The Virgin's Herbs neu Meadow Sweet); Briallu Mair (Mary's Primrose neu Cowslip); Tapr Mair (Mary's Taper neu Snowdrop) Fe'i cyhoeddwyd ar gerdyn rai blynyddoedd yn l ac fe'i cefais gan ffrind un Nadolig.
| Stephen Michael Coombs, 59, from Cowslip Drive in Penarth, admitted using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour.
While away from Ascot others of betting interest are Michael Appleby's Demora in the totescoop6 Catterick Dash Handicap (3.30pm); the Mick Easterby-trained Tamayuz Magic in the toteexacta Handicap (4.05pm) - both at Catterick and over the jumps Merseyside-born trainer Donald McCain's Cowslip can win the Spire Brewing Company - Chesterfield, Yaroslavna Mares' Handicap Hurdle (2.10pm) at Market Rasen.
What name is given to the natural hybrid of the cowslip and primrose?
Ripon ARGUS MERCURY Mixed Message 2.00 Zaitsev Pacngo 2.30 Grand Beauty Youcouldntmakeitup 3.05 Rise Up Lotus Snap Shots (nap) 3.40 Snap Shots Truancy (nb) 4.15 Woodacre Al Muheer 4.50 Fazza Mighty Missile 5.20 Cowslip Going: Good-good to firm in places.
The room itself was called Cowslip, which made me smile every time I loudly put the drinks on the room by saying "name's Cowslip".