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(1) See continuous process improvement.

(2) (Characters Per Inch) The measurement of the density of characters per inch on tape or paper. A printer's CPI button switches character pitch.

(3) (Counts Per Inch) The measurement of the resolution of a mouse/trackball as flywheel notches per inch (horizontal and vertical flywheels rotate as the ball is moved). Notches are converted to cursor movement.

(4) (Common Programming Interface) See SAA and CPI-C.
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Under the new system, the PBS analyse CPI of urban and rural areas separately and then combine both results to determine a CPI National which is considered to be the standard CPI based inflation rate for the country.
On a monthly basis, he said the CPI remained unchanged compared to May, while the CPI in the second quarter this year increased 0.7 per cent to 121.3 compared with 120.5 in the same quarter of the previous year.
The CPI increased by 1.2 per cent during January until March 2019 compared with the same period of 2018, as shown by the increase in the CPI from 131.3 points in first quarter of 2018 to 132.9 points in the first quarter of 2019.
The WInnForum's CPI Accreditation Standard (WINNF-TS-0247-V1.0.0) provides a working outline of how certification for CPIs will be achieved, including Training Programmer Administrator responsibilities, CPI responsibilities, and CPI database information.
The CPI performance of Sri Lanka underscores its stagnant anti-corruption environment, which has seen the country's CPI score fluctuate between 36 and 38 since 2013, despite the anti-corruption mandate provided to the government.
In 2006, Pakistan's CPI ranking was 142, which improved to 138 in 2007 and further to 134 in 2008.
AKD Securities predicted CPI to average around 3.94 YoY percent for FY18 lesser than 4.15 percent YoY in FY17.
ING Bank NV acted as the exclusive financial advisor, Martinez Vergara Gonzalez and Serrano acted as the legal advisor and the Development Bank of the Philippines acted as the debt advisor to CPI in the transaction.
It is pertinent to mention that PBS collects the retail and the wholesale prices and computes the CPI and WPI on monthly basis while the SPI is calculated on weekly basis.
"CPI's advanced antenna products are the technology of choice for cutting-edge communications programs.
in line with one of our goals to become a compliant company that cares for the environment,' CPI executive vice president Manolo T.
The CPI aggregates the prices of goods and services that households purchase.