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carapa, crabwood, Surinam mahogany, West Indian mahogany

A pale to reddish brown wood of South America and Africa; moderately hard and heavy, with straight grain and medium texture; used for general construction and in plywood.
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Gomes, "Artisanal Extraction and Traditional Knowledge Associated with Medicinal Use of Crabwood Oil (Carapa guianensis Aublet.) in a Peri-Urban Varzea Environment in the Amazon Estuary," Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, vol.
Bulletwood (Manilkara bidentata) is a nationally protected and ecological keystone species, while Government policy since 2000 has prohibited the export of Crabwood (Carapa guianensis) logs to conserve supplies for the local furniture industry.
Production in cubic metres by species on State Forests and Amerindian Village Lands: Logs and Primary Lumber -- July 2006 Species Logs State Amerindian Total logs Forests Village Lands Bulletwood 175 533 708 Crabwood 246 760 1,006 Total--all 20,573 4068 24,640 species Two timbers 17 as % of total Species Chainsawn (primary)Lumber State Amerindian Total lumber Forests Village Lands Bulletwood 1 111 112 Crabwood 53 14 67 Total--all 2,589 2,145 4,735 species Two timbers 45 as % of total Source: GFC 2006.
He protects Key Largo Hammocks State Botanical Site, where an Alabaman once chainsawed his way to the nation's largest crabwood tree.
* Andiroba, also known as the Guiana crabwood (Carapa guianensis), a Brazilian mahogany, yielding oily seeds used by natives for insect bites and commercially for the soap scrubs, stearine and lubricants.
Commercially it is frequently called andiroba and sometimes crabwood, and it is also sometimes marketed as a mahogany on the world market, according to the book "World Timbers."
However, "because of the variation in the character of the wood it has been suggested that the name andiroba should be used for the finer-textured, denser material and the name crabwood for the coarser-textured wood of medium density," according to "World Timbers."
We were I calculated half-way between Crabwood Creek and Port Mourant.
Steve and Chris Walker (Leamington C&AC) were rewarded for a trip to Andover by victory in the tandem category of the Crabwood CC '10' in 23- 09.
Steve Knight finished over a minute clear of his nearest challenger in Coventry Olympic CC's Midland League promotion at Hoar Park Craft Village, while Lewys Hobbs won the junior race at the VC Phoenix-Dragon Trophy meeting in Swansea and Nicole Cooke was a comfortable winner of the youths race in Crabwood CC's meeting at Southampton Sports Centre.