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However, Cracovian nursing could be wrongly assumed to have grasped its semantic range in a singular act of perception and to have defined itself once in an unchangeable form.
In the first period of its existence, Cracovian nursing drew its interpretation of care from the widely understood Christian humanism.
Nowadays, in the philosophy of Cracovian nursing, after the bankruptcy of Marxism, one can perceive a real sell out of concepts of the idea of care.
The last time we were in Rochester I saw that they had a Cracovian Szopka; this is the kind of Szopka typical of Krakow because it is connected to a Krakow story and to many buildings in that city.
The chair of the Association of Cracovians in Israel, Lili Haber, wrote to Kaczynski that Sandler had never publicized her actions, but rather shied away from publicity.