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Chief Executive Officer, Massimiliano Pogliani commented: "Vertu is the contemporary embodiment of English craftsmanship.
While many observers agree that the world of craft is more hands-on than machine based, it is not easy to deny that the integration of technology in modern day craftsmanship has improved the concept.
There are several examples of craftsmanship that come second nature to Falcon's homes, including:
Abbyson Living's timeless transitional designs come to life through its elegant craftsmanship.
We're still teaching at the Starter League and with other great organizations," Chandler elaborated, "But it's great to expand our educational reach with the School for Digital Craftsmanship - a valuable offering that can stand on its own.
Unsurpassed craftsmanship and a commitment to working with only the finest Tahitian & South Sea cultured pearls have been the hallmarks of Tara & Sons since 1974 when Tara C.
com, which sells handbags online, celebrates the craftsmanship of Hermes newest collection, spread across 12 rooms of Burlington Gardens.
The quality seal clearly denotes the craftsmanship, heritage and premiumness that our brands have in common.
The carefully chosen first-class genuine leather, perfect Italian craftsmanship and the classical embossed pattern helped POWERLAND gradually become a warmly welcomed leather ware brand.
Bernard Arnault declared: "This new Louis Vuitton Mansion emphasizes our ambition to develop our brand which symbolizes the French know-how and craftsmanship all over the world.
Print and online idea series brings focus on the craftsmanship of luxury
Emphasizing craftsmanship and elegance, Baldwin Hardware has remained at the forefront of quality hardware for over 50 years.