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162-181) Then Hermes answered her with crafty words:
260-277) Then Hermes answered him with crafty words: `Son of Leto, what harsh words are these you have spoken?
281-292) But far-working Apollo laughed softly and said to him: `O rogue, deceiver, crafty in heart, you talk so innocently that I most surely believe that you have broken into many a well- built house and stripped more than one poor wretch bare this night (22), gathering his goods together all over the house without noise.
And as soon as he had shut them up quietly, and had gone home by crafty turns and twists, he lay down in his cradle in the gloom of a dim cave, as still as dark night, so that not even an eagle keenly gazing would have spied him.
405-408) `How were you able, you crafty rogue, to flay two cows, new-born and babyish as you are?
The crafty nincompoop takes to his heels, scared with the idea that, among a thousand such atoms of mortality, her eye must have detected him.
As he passes in, we have a parting glimpse of his visage, and recognize the crafty smile, which was the precursor of the little joke that he has ever since been playing off at his wife's expense.
The crafty Sioux had not made his calculations on the noble and honest nature of his more youthful rival in vain.
If the tongue of Mahtoree ever says thus," returned the crafty chief, with an appearance of strong indignation, "let his women cut it out, and burn it with the offals of the buffaloe.
Captain Bonneville and his men, however, were by no means disposed to renew their confiding intimacy with these crafty savages, and above all, took care to avoid their pilfering caresses.
Three Sisters Bake in Quarriers Village is hosting a Crafty Brunch on Easter Saturday and Sunday, March 31 and April 1.
Gather materials on a Crafty Castle Trail to make your own Museum Masterpiece to take home