crane boom

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1. A cantilevered or projecting structural member (such as a beam or spar) which is used to support, hoist, or move a load.
2. The projecting member at the front of a crane or derrick which is used for this purpose.
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The lawsuit claims the operator ignored his oiler's recommendation and attempted to lift the panel while simultaneously rotating the crane boom.
The slabs are suspended from a heavy crane boom atop an unfinished parking lot building.
Several documented crane accidents have occurred in the theater of operations over the past few years to include the death of a Soldier due to electrocution when a crane boom struck an overhead power line.
Construction company Barratts, which was building a residential complex, said a crane boom became dislodged and fell.
When, a mere eight images into the Tate show, he and curator Mary Horlock dealt out Macau Bridge, 1993--a hazy, industrial sublime view of a half-built highway bridge in the Far East, crane boom angling in--and bracketed it with a shot of two punks taken for a fashion magazine and a monochrome study of a deliriously sweaty clubber, it was dear that the artist has no hesitancy about offering photographic metonyms for his own bridge-building practice.