crane boom

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1. A cantilevered or projecting structural member (such as a beam or spar) which is used to support, hoist, or move a load.
2. The projecting member at the front of a crane or derrick which is used for this purpose.
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Stephenson Equipment is an official dealer of Manitowoc, Grove, National Crane boom trucks and Potain tower cranes.
Further improvement of rotating crane performance and efficiency requires the development of mathematical models for an adequate description of payload and crane boom tip positions.
Abdel-Rahman and Nayfeh [1] have studied the dynamic problem for a "crane boom tip-payload" mechanical system focused on the reduction of payload lateral vibrations by reeling and unreeling the hoist cable.
The lawsuit claims the operator ignored his oiler's recommendation and attempted to lift the panel while simultaneously rotating the crane boom. The tag line worker could not control the panel's location due to position of the line on the panel and restricted working space on the ground.
The slabs are suspended from a heavy crane boom atop an unfinished parking lot building.
Several documented crane accidents have occurred in the theater of operations over the past few years to include the death of a Soldier due to electrocution when a crane boom struck an overhead power line.
The project will expand this number by two additional buildings as well as a 9000 sq.ft, wash, paint and shipping area in the Manitowoc Model 999 crawler assembly building and a 12,000 sq.ft, addition to the boom fabrication facility to incorporate the National Crane boom assembly.
Construction company Barratts, which was building a residential complex near Battersea power station, said a crane boom became dislodged and fell.
When, a mere eight images into the Tate show, he and curator Mary Horlock dealt out Macau Bridge, 1993--a hazy, industrial sublime view of a half-built highway bridge in the Far East, crane boom angling in--and bracketed it with a shot of two punks taken for a fashion magazine and a monochrome study of a deliriously sweaty clubber, it was dear that the artist has no hesitancy about offering photographic metonyms for his own bridge-building practice.
This was also the second incident of a crane-related accident in Taman Desa, after a crane boom crashed and killed a person in October last year.