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We prospectively audited children aged less than 24 months undergoing cranioplasty for craniosynostosis in Australia in 2008.
Treatment consists of cerebral debridement, removal of the cyst, duraplasty, and cranioplasty to prevent enlargement of this lesion and further brain damage.
On cranioplasty plate's surface, holes were drilled in order to prevent development of an epidural haematoma.
Moores reversed the procedure by carrying out a cranioplasty.
He returned to the hospital last week for a cranioplasty to repair a defect left by the bullet.
This product, currently cleared for use in cranioplasty, is designed to enhance the physician's ability to track the flow of bone cement under fluoroscopy.
The CTACC team performed an emergency craniectomy and subsequently a cranioplasty to restore him back to health.
The company also produces a number of cranioplasty models in which the unaffected side of the patient's face is mirrored to produce a 3D printed reconstruction, prior to the fitting and placement of a titanium plate.
S / c set cranioplasty (include titanium plates and screws (frontopariental right subdural hematoma diagnosis
The complex cranioplasty surgery involved the precision replacement of a large piece of skull in a similar operation to that carried out in Birmingham on Taliban shooting victim Malala Yousafzai.
Ultrasound aided pin fixation of biodegradable osteosynthetic materials in cranioplasty for infants with craniosynostosis.