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see crepecrepe
, thin fabric of crinkled texture, woven originally in silk but now available in all major fibers. There are two kinds of crepe. The hard-finished, typically dyed black and used for mourning (which tends to retain the old spelling crape
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, crape
a. a light cotton, silk, or other fabric with a fine ridged or crinkled surface
b. (as modifier): a crepe dress
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Desperate Sombat Bigley, 38, has craped a living working in the rice fields in her native Thailand.
They hads craped through right on the cut but virtually traded birdie for birdie yesterday, Lawrie hitting a superb 65 to Lyle's 67 for totals of 208 and 210.
Tenders are invited for Toilet Paper To Is-14661-1999Reaffirmed-2010 21 Gsm,In White Colour Type 1/Grade 1 Creped Dry Craped Toiled Paper Of Sizes 25Cm X 20Cm,25 X 250 Sheets.