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(mechanical engineering)
One of a pair of an endless chain of plates driven by sprockets and used instead of wheels by certain power shovels, tractors, bulldozers, drilling machines, and such, as a means of propulsion.
Any machine mounted on such tracks.
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(1) Also known as a "crawler," "robot" (bot) and "intelligent agent," a spider is a program that searches for information on the Web. Spiders are widely used by Web search engines to index all the pages on a site by following the links from page to page. The search engine summarizes the content and adds the links to their indexes. Spiders are also used to locate Web pages that sell a particular product or to find blogs that have opinions about a product. See surface Web and bot.

(2) Software that indexes a single website for browsing offline. See offline browser.

(3) (Spider) A gaming platform from AMD. See Phenom.
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The overall crawler camera systems worldwide is set to grow with 6.7% CAGR during the forecast period.
The new Battery-Operated Rack Crawler, Pathfinder Systems notes, highlights Tiger International's dedication to responding to customer requirements with emerging technologies and advancing block & paver production.
These crawler cranes are easy to transport, quick to rig and come with an IC-1 control system with an intuitive touchscreen," he stated.
If such signs are deemed important, should there not have been a previous sign with the warning 'You are now entering a crawler lane' - perhaps with a reduction in the speed limit?
Does your current staff have sufficient technical skills to build, maintain, and/or use a crawler?
The Hoeflon C10 mini crawler has a maximum reach of 19m, at which it can lift 209kg.
Over the years, usage of crawler excavators has increased significantly in these sectors owing to their superior functionality and efficiency as compared to the conventional systems.
Distributed web crawler is a program which crawls Web resources on the Internet according to some rules and provides the obtained network information to search engine.
An access frequency-based anticrawling method determines whether a client is a crawler or a legitimate user by the access frequency threshold as the maximum number of access within a specific time window.
The Cletrac Model F was one of the first machines to use a top drive sprocket (a feature still in use today), and was one of the first crawler tractors designed for adjustable row crop use.