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The fact that speed fluctuations are avoided, sets the Liebherr travel drive apart from all other large crawler tractor drive concepts currently available on the market, the company claims.
The heavy crawler tractors and bulldozers needed to clear the land were in short supply, but a large number of surplus military tractors were found and (with great difficulty) sent to Africa, where inexperienced native operators wrecked many of them.
The Landini Trekker F and M are specialized crawler tractors offering enhanced features in terms of performance, ergonomics, functionality and design.
A strong diesel engine is important for crawler tractors as this application makes greater use of the engine than most other earthmoving machines.
They were both bounced around on the two open station (no cab) crawler tractors at Chalone in the late 1980s.
leri), to supply 130 Liebherr PR 754 Litronic crawler tractors to modernise its fleet of equipment.
There are many advantages of buying and using purpose-built pipe-layers over converted crawler tractors for pipelaying applications.
The Model W was also the first crawler tractor tested at the Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory.
Midwestern Manufacturing has designed a new sideboom attachment for a John Deere 1050J model crawler tractor.
Enter the crawler tractor with its larger footprint for better flotation and decreased soil compaction.
His topic in this issue is the evolution of crawler tractor steering systems.
The large cab in the PR 766 is identical to the driver's platform in the 70 tonne PR 776 crawler tractor launched in 2016.