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A network of fine cracks on or under the surface of a material such as enamel, glaze, metal, or plastic.
Development of a network of cracks on a metal surface.


In painting, a minute random cracking of a finish coat of paint due to uneven shrinking of the paint. In masonry, the appearance of very fine cracks while the surface is drying due to uneven contraction.

crazing, cracking, craze cracks

Fine, random cracks or fissures in a network on or under a surface of plaster, cement, mortar, concrete, ceramic coating, or paint film; caused by shrinkage.


A form of heat damage that occurs to transparent thermoplastic material. Canopies, side glasses, etc. are made of thermoplastic materials. Crazing manifests itself as a series of tiny, hairline cracks in the surface of the plastic. Crazing makes the plastic weak and reduces its transparency and in the worst cases, it makes the plastic become opaque.
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