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creation science:

see creationismcreationism
or creation science,
belief in the biblical account of the creation of the world as described in Genesis, a characteristic especially of fundamentalist Protestantism (see fundamentalism). Advocates of creationism have campaigned to have it taught in U.S.
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He uses the term "anti-evolution" as opposed to "creationist," because it began as an oppositional faction, and creation science was developed later in a series of repeatedly failed attempts to confront evolutionary theory itself.
Arkansas Act 590 (28) mandated that Creation Science be given the same amount of class time equivalent to the class time spent on the biological theories of evolution.
Recently, other non-Canadian groups have been active within our borders, such as Kent Hovind's, Creation Science Evangelism (CSE website, accessed 2006), which is run from the site of Dinosaur Adventure Land, his anti-evolution theme park in Pensacola, Florida (Dinosaur Adventure Land website, accessed 2006).
Kenyon, basically rehashes all the arguments from Creation Science.
Of these three viewpoints, the teaching of creation science faces the harshest restrictions because courts have consistently held that teaching creation science establishes religion.
Aguillard) that creation science is intrinsically a religious view.
Overton ruled Arkansas' "Balanced Treatment for Creation Science and Evolution Science" Act to be a violation of the constitutional separation of church and state.
The Evolution and creation science controversy is now in the general public's arena and poses a challenge for school science.
Gould championed the teaching evolutionary science in school curricula, arguing that it not be challenged by creation science, whose advocates made Gould an enemy.
Creation science advocates generally hold that evolution did not happen but that the universe was created by God, according to the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance.
It addressed the central role of evolution in biology and why creation science has no place in the science curriculum.
Dawson, advancing and popularizing paleontology while maintaining creation science to the end of the nineteenth century.

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