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I would say intelligence, uh, the more education you have the more knowledge you have the better person you are and I believe yes and yes," LePage said in 2010 in answer to the debate question about whether or not he would favor creationism in schools.
Patterson did not mention creationism in his response directly but said he thought schools had focused too much on political correctness out of what he called a mistaken belief that the U.
Just 2% of atheists were in favour of creationism and intelligent design being taught, compared with 83% who opposed it, while 76% of Mormons said it should be part of a child's education.
Although -13% of the students reported that they were taught neither creationism nor evolution in their high school biology courses, nearly twice that many (22%) said that their high school biology courses included both evolution and creationism.
LEGAL BATTLE: Sit Peter Vardy, left, won his fight to show he did not advocate creationism
The Constitution prohibits teaching creationism in schools," Cotner added.
Supporters of creationism reject the concept of evolution, while intelligent design argues that life is so complex it cannot solely be explained by evolution.
The playwrights are correct to point out that it is wrong for a millionaire to dictate what is taught in state schools, especially the creationism myth, which belongs in RE lessons alongside comparative religions and other assorted superstitions.
Evolution, he argues, is a better explanation than creationism, which ignores most evidence and has virtually no explanatory power.
Miller, a nationally known critic of creationism and the "intelligent design" movement, told those attending the lecture there can be a happy mix between religion and science and belief in evolution is compatible with a belief in God.
Of course, if a pupil raises it as a hypothesis then a brief discussion as to why creationism is wrong might be appropriate as part of an education in intellectual integrity and rational thought.
Younger, the California attorney general who in 1975 made a decision challenging California's Science Framework, which gave equal recognition to creationism and evolution.