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graminicola isolates originating from annual bluegrass, creeping bentgrass, and corn.
Strain Magnification Factor of the Creeping Phase in Heterogeneous Blends
Colonial bentgrass x creeping bentgrass interspecific hybrids were recovered from crosses between transgenic creeping bentgrass and colonial bentgrass plants under both field and greenhouse conditions (Belanger et al.
If you are used to fighting socialism, and have developed your arguments, tactics, and alliances accordingly, it's tempting to define any form of redistribution or regulation as creeping socialism and therefore to declare the expansion of any and all government programs to be socialism.
CONTACT: Absorption Corporation (CareFRESH and ECOfresh), (800) 242-2287; American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, 2214 Old Emmorton Road, Bel Air, MD 21015/(410) 569-0795; Animals' Apawthecary, (406) 821-4090; Animal Protection Institute, Po Box 22505, Sacramento, CA 95822/(800) 348-7387; BioChemics, (800) 738-7669; Creeping Jenny, (818) 755-9531; Dandy Doggie, (888) 236-4568; Dr.
Sitting at the junction of the creeping and locked sections, the Parkfield region had demonstrated unique behavior.
Thermal energy aids creeping, and a high enough creep would render HTS materials impractical.
And you'll never see incompetence more sincere than in The Creeping Terror.
3) Do not pull too hard against the wall as it can be as detrimental to accuracy as creeping forward.
In other words, if Roundup-resistant creeping bentgrass or tall fescue got into other types of lawns, or into fields of Roundup-resistant crops, the problem of chemical weed control would have come full circle, and another herbicide would have to be found to control the bio-engineered grasses.
One of the issues is the possibility of hybridization between creeping bentgrass and related Agrostis spp.