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crematory, crematorium

A building for the incineration of the human dead.
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The building of crematoria tends to be controversial, even if few can deny the need for them, especially as burial costs are prohibitively high for many families.
29 June 2016 - UK-based funeral related services provider Dignity plc has closed the acquisition of three freehold crematoria locations from Funeral Services Ltd.
Mercia Crematoria Developments Ltd had submitted an application for a crematorium with associated landscaping, access and car park.
Mercia said that current cremator widths in the nearest crematoria at Durham and Darlington are 31 inches and 30 inches respectively, while in new Bishop Auckland building the width would be 43 inches.
So far this year we have had two cases where the choice of crematoria has been limited because of the size of the deceased.
Previous applications by other companies, including a recent scheme in St Nicholas by Crematoria Management Ltd, had been refused planning permission partly because they were sited on high quality agricultural land.
Under new measures the Government aims to halve the amount of mercury released into the atmosphere by crematoria.
With increasing urbanization and population density, there is not enough open space to allow the traditional procedures, so crematoria are essential.
The developments of Ghats and crematoria in the stretch from Rudraprayag to Guptkashi in Uttrakahand will be taken up at Sumari, Tilwara, Silli, Augustmuni and Triveni ghats at a cost of Rs.
Meeting environmental targets for crematoria from 2012 has meant local authorities have also had to fit expensive abatement equipment over the last few years.
The work will bring the crematorium into line with new environmental legislation which requires existing crematoria to be fitted with mercury abatement equipment by the end of this year to ensure that 50% of all cremations carried out are subject to abatement.
From January 2013, the Government has asked all local authorities to reduce emissions of crematoria mercury from crematoriums by 50%.