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a specially equipped building intended for cre-mating the deceased.

The first crematory was opened in Milan in 1876. Present-day crematories house crematory furnaces, a funeral room for rites, and other rooms. A plot of land is usually reserved in the area surrounding the crematory for the burial of urns, and columbaria are constructed. The first crematory in the USSR was opened in Moscow in October 1927.

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crematory, crematorium

A building for the incineration of the human dead.
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Requiring crematories to hire licensed funeral directors is an unusual licensing requirement.
Impeding the entry of independent crematories increases costs for two reasons.
Second, funeral homes without crematories spend more time traveling to cremation services providers because they prefer not to have cremations done by local rivals in the funeral industry.
The majority of states regulate funeral homes, crematories, cemeteries, and pre-need sales of funeral plans, although the specific licensing requirements vary across the states.
Specific crematories must obtain permits and licenses, according to a recent Maryland bill.