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crematory, crematorium

A building for the incineration of the human dead.
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These days the majority of funeral services take place at a crematorium and therefore the size of congregations are much larger so some crematoriums have chosen to allow longer for services to take place.
Coun Ian Lloyd, portfolio holder for arts and leisure at Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, said: "The Heart of England Crematorium is a private crematorium, owned by The Dignity Group, who own crematoriums across the country.
According to Freedom of Information responses from local authorities that run crematoriums in the UK, an adult cremation in the UK now costs an average of GBP640.
"Being so central means local people will no longer have to face long journeys to other crematoriums. It will also ease the pressure on the three other sites."
But not all crematoriums in the region will be able to meet this criteria and as a result families could see an extra fee added to charges at some crematoriums.
CEMETERIES are being forced to rebuild their crematorium furnaces as fat Brummies can no longer fit into them.
RESIDENTS are protesting at plans to build a crematorium on greenbelt land in Wirral.
Yesterday, the Record revealed how Norma Ingles was told her 30-stone husband Robert's coffin would not fit in any crematorium in Scotland.
Vandals have caused pounds 20,000 damage to a Birmingham crematorium after targeting it five times in ten days.
A FUNERAL director claims charities could be missing out on large donations because a Valleys crematorium will not allow collections at its services.
And although it is unlikely that Rugby Borough Council will have the cash to build the facility, one possibility is to sell the land to a company which runs crematoriums.
It's also going to be more expensive for families living here to travel to other crematoriums."