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(US), crenelated
(of a moulding, etc.) having square indentations
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crenelated, crenellated

1. Having battlements.
2. Bearing an embattled pattern of repeated indentations.
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The yellow grass waves gently in the late autumn breeze and shades of gold, green, and black stretch across the wildly crenelated ravines leading down to the blue water of Fort Peck Reservoir.
These lights are made from high-grade aluminum, feature crenelated bezels, and cast brilliant white, red, or green lights (via CREE LEDs) from the press of a tail-mounted switch.
The 800-year-old hotel is said to be the oldest listed inhabited moated house in England, with crenelated towers, mullioned windows and even a drawbridge.
The pink, crenelated surface lurches right and left, as if responding to a changing landscape.
Mosques in the Maldives are mainly whitewashed structures, constructed with coral stone and crenelated iron or thatched roofs.The reason for this dates back to the ancient times when the Maldives was dependent on locally abundant materials for long lasting constructions.
The parapet is crenelated in a pattern based on the Fibonacci sequence.
Crenelated shafts of rocks shoot up around us and fall away into treelined valleys of sweet-scented Canarian pines.
The A350's swooped back winglets could make it as recognizable a sight at airports around the world as the crenelated engine covers of the Dreamliner.
Then, with clay tools, students carved crenelated (notched) tops on half-inch-thick 15" x 4.5" slabs (made with a slab roller), which would become their castle towers.
Called "The Castle" because of its crenelated roof line (actually a row of bird houses), the two-story house was constructed of concrete blocks that he had formed and cemented in place.
It's just so impressive from all angles, so stark and crenelated. It's as impressive as any Welsh castle," he said.