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see crepecrepe
, thin fabric of crinkled texture, woven originally in silk but now available in all major fibers. There are two kinds of crepe. The hard-finished, typically dyed black and used for mourning (which tends to retain the old spelling crape
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, crape
a. a light cotton, silk, or other fabric with a fine ridged or crinkled surface
b. (as modifier): a crepe dress
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Floral jackets, dresses and tops combine with matching co-ordinates in cotton crepe, crepe de chine and georgettes.
Crepe de chine has a lot of give, even when both pieces are cut on the straight of grain, so take care not to stretch it as you sew.
The molecular application preserves the breathability, feel, and comfort of the company's signature Crepe de Chine and Modal fabrics.
Within hours of the debut, the designer's site stopped working after it was rumored that Kate Middleton had donned her empire-line crepe de chine design, News.
She wore a strapless graphite-colored silk crepe de chine gown accentuated at the waist by two rhinestone brooches, a gift from the bride.
The bride who was given away by her brother Kenneth Jenkins of Birmingham was attired in a white lace dress over crepe de chine with veil and a head-dress of orange blossoms.
In free-standing window treatments, sheers, laces and soft fabrics like crepe de chine and gauze were popular, particularly in tab-top constructions.
52 Pairs of Jimmy Choo Shoes, Solar Crepe de Chine Dorsay
Recommended fabrics include light- to mediumweight fabrics such as silk, crepe de chine, voile, batiste, lawn, chambray, light linen and rayon.
It was a good thing that Tolentino's red crepe de chine mermaid dress with Swarovski-beaded bodice and thigh-high slit flattered Wurtzbach, who received positive reviews for her gown and swimsuit performances from beau-con (pronounced byu-con, short for beauty contest) gurus.