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A dramatic display of crepuscular rays fans across the sky in late-afternoon hours as seen from the 118th floor of Shanghai Tower in Shanghai, China.
Now, although quite a few crepuscular rays are bursting through the dark-clouded sky in terms of women being able to push their way through repressive barriers, we need a clear sky for the sustenance of a truly healthy life.
Astronomy came to my mind at Marsha Cottrell's strong exhibition, and not just because her works, with their gauzy orbs and crepuscular rays, invoke what's beautiful and abstract about the field, from early-nineteenth-century celestial diagrams to a view of the moon through a space helmet.
Sunbeams shining down through clouds are called crepuscular rays.
There, Isabel threw the passion of her grief into fern collecting, and Frederic stormed the Blue Mountains capturing the stunning rainstorms over the sea and the drama of crepuscular rays in crimson sunsets.
The final images of the film are again aerial views: Dark lines run out from the shore into the sea while crepuscular rays illuminate the island from above.
Look for special twilight glows and shadows in the sky: Earth's shadow, crepuscular rays, the "purple light," and noctilucent clouds (see
Look for Sun dogs, Sun pillars, and radiant crepuscular rays. These and many more celestial wonders can be viewed by those who know where and when to look.
Crepuscular rays (see the photo above right) are most spectacular after sunset.
While vacationing on the Tuscan island of Elba, Stefano De Rosa captured this stunning display of crepuscular rays. Details: Canon EOS 1000D DSLR with 21-mm lens at f/3.5.
Within an hour ribbons of airglow could be seen, like ghostly crepuscular rays, radiating all over the sky.