Criminal Records

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Criminal Records


the methods and means used in crime prevention and detection to file identifying characteristics of objects and persons and to preserve and organize information on objects and persons.

The information required for criminal records is usually compiled in card files; physical objects may also be collected for future examination and reference. The data contained in criminal records are used by the agencies of investigation and of the court in the identification of objects and the search for suspects. Criminal records are compiled for criminals, persons held in custody, missing persons, unidentified bodies, animals, inanimate objects, and facts concerning crimes. Criminal records of people are filed according to questionnaire data, physical characteristics, and fingerprint patterns.

Material evidence available from criminal records includes fingerprints, bullets and cartridge cases found at the scenes of unsolved crimes, stolen and confiscated articles, and stolen, confiscated, and recovered firearms.

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President of the Lebanese Taxi Syndicate Charles Abou Harb confirmed that Lebanese regulations stipulate that taxi licenses only be awarded to those with a clean criminal record, issued within a month.
The following jurisdictions provide protection from discrimination on the basis of criminal record in all areas (e.
Arrests of those with criminal records rose just 18 percent, from 25,786 to 30,473.
Amazingly, however, there's no proof that simply having a criminal record makes someone a worse employee than someone who doesn't.
If they fail to do so, Home Office staff will be told to check if the applicant has a criminal record.
The Glasgow Kelvin politician, 62, and fellow SNP MSP Bill Kidd, 57, who represent's the city's Anniesland constituency, were interviewed as witnesses by police and asked if they were made aware of the man's alleged criminal record.
That's because in Canada, details of an individual's criminal record are stored on the police's central database known as the Canadian Police Information Centre, or "CPIC.
White [people] with a criminal record are about half as likely to receive a callback for a job offer relative to white [people] with no criminal background," she said.
We intend to open more offices in shopping malls," said Colonel Abdul Rahman Al Hamadi, director of the Criminal Record Directorate at the Abu Dhabi Police, ON Wednesday, at the inauguration of the new office inMarina Mall.
Mr Andain added: "Twice when I was a headteacher I offered jobs to teachers who had not disclosed any criminal record, who were flagged up by the CRB.