Criminal Records

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Criminal Records


the methods and means used in crime prevention and detection to file identifying characteristics of objects and persons and to preserve and organize information on objects and persons.

The information required for criminal records is usually compiled in card files; physical objects may also be collected for future examination and reference. The data contained in criminal records are used by the agencies of investigation and of the court in the identification of objects and the search for suspects. Criminal records are compiled for criminals, persons held in custody, missing persons, unidentified bodies, animals, inanimate objects, and facts concerning crimes. Criminal records of people are filed according to questionnaire data, physical characteristics, and fingerprint patterns.

Material evidence available from criminal records includes fingerprints, bullets and cartridge cases found at the scenes of unsolved crimes, stolen and confiscated articles, and stolen, confiscated, and recovered firearms.

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It is the Association's position that the employer should bear the cost of criminal record checks based on the well-established common law principle that employees should be reimbursed for expenses incurred in the course of employment.
David Pruden, for the NOMS OnTrak programme, said: "Employers like to think they are enlightened about such matters, but evidence suggests that they are less likely to select a person for a job if they have a criminal record.
The ability to rent an apartment: Standard rental application forms ask if you have a criminal record.
According to the report, the latest figures underline the difficulty of finding employment for people with a criminal record, with many firms wary of recruiting former prisoners.
Since the inception of the Criminal Records Act in 1970, a Canada pardon could be granted to any Canadian who wished to have their criminal record removed.
Another way in which the variation of the penalty may affect criminal record identity theft is when the penalty directly corresponds with the amount of resulting financial loss to the victim.
What goes on in the mind of someone who hits and then runs varies depending on upbringing, community status and criminal record, Honig said.
The teenager, who works with disabled children, was one of hundreds of people wrongly given criminal records because of a blunder by the CRB, which is run by the Home Office.
The Welsh Rugby Union has pledged to make junior rugby safer by ensuring that every adult involved undergoes a criminal record check.
Nacro's Ruth Parker told the broadcaster: "Most of us know someone who has a criminal record.
MORE criminal record checks are to be carried out on taxi drivers who have lived abroad.