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Pepper crinkled his cheeks as though they had been cut in wood.
So when I see pictures of people like Millie Mackintosh, a beautiful girl, doing just that, I want to thrust my crinkled arms in her face and shout "STOP IT because this will happen!" But then even if I did, she wouldn't listen.
A rainbow of colors and an array of textures -- crinkled plastic, knitted fabric, photos of leaves cut into the shape of trees -- patchwork together to compose this amazing story of Isatou Ceesay and her project of crocheting recycled purses from plastic bags littering the Gambia.
Available in three colors--black with red accents, green and blue--this tall tumbler features a crinkled texture that makes it easy to grip.
Eventually I noticed that just before Penny complained, her nose crinkled up.
On icy morns a frosty frill on crinkled leaves will show, At other times the Sentinel is hidden in the snow.
The timber-frame buildings clad with crinkled, shimmering stainless steel reflect the greenery of the site completed at the end of 2008.
The places on which the sample was strongly crinkled are visible on the presentation as the raised parts.
These problems are overcome by crinkling it in a controlled manner before spraying insulation foam on the back of the crinkled surface.
Sabrina crinkled patent tote in smoke and vanilla by Jill Stuart, $450, Madison snake-print handbag with snap closure by Angela Theodora, $250, Kennedy mini tote in stone leather with python accent by Mimeki, $425,
Or been dissatisfied with an uneven, crinkled edge?