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"The assassinations of intellectual Iraqis and financial corruption, stealing the food ration elements, and rareness of water are all related to the crippled country.
You can be crippled. Even if you're only taking Advil, it may mask it enough for you to lose daily function.
Crippled soldiers were now being housed in still more huts, as well as tents, in the hospital grounds.
He gave in to the illusion of "getting better," spoke of the twitches felt in his fingers and toes as if those twitches could jolt a crippled body into hope.
That FDR was crippled by polio and, for all practical purposes, confined to a wheelchair and that lie had to be carried to and from almost every venue were facts indeed "hidden" from the public, contrary to Clausen's contention.
Services will be crippled throughout the day and will continue to be hit into the evening, even after the strike ends at 6.30pm.
I WOULD like to advise the lady in the white cardigan, obviously crippled by arthritis, who was going into Aldi stores in Rutherglen at 5pm last Wednesday and who shook her head in disgust at me for using one of the disabled parking bays, that about two seconds before she saw me, I had removed my disabled parking badge from the dashboard of my car.
And even though they have fearsome weapons, they are still vulnerable to guerrilla attacks that have left so many of them blinded and crippled. Is this not the ultimate betrayal of our young by our government?
Today I'm 77 years old, fairly limber, and not crippled, but yes, I still have pain.
Greyhound Action Ireland `s Bernie Wright says some of the animals end up horribly maimed and crippled - or even DEAD.
From the University of Minnesota Anne earned a PhD in Education, with her Dissertation: A Comparative Study of the Responses of Crippled and Non-Crippled Adolescents on Some Personality and Interest Tests, 1949.
Anyway, my friend (we'll just call him Crippled Baby Mini Salba Wannabe) who has been skating just as long as I have thought this video was boring.