critical infrastructure

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critical infrastructure

The basic systems necessary for survival of an organization or nation. The U.S. Government states that the country's critical infrastructure is the "infrastructure and assets vital to national security, governance, public health and safety, economy and public confidence." According to the Department of Homeland Security, the following subjects make up the critical infrastructure:

Agriculture and Food
Public Health
Emergency Services
Defense Industrial Base
Banking and Finance
Chemicals and Hazardous Materials
Postal and Shipping

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Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services, Inc is an independent US subsidiary of Securitas AB, which specialises in providing a wide range of security services to federal agencies, aerospace and defense contractors, and federally regulated energy and aviation facilities.
The delicate nature and function of critical infrastructure means a successful cyberattack could result in damage to operational technology equipment, disrupt operations, destruction of hardware or cyber espionage.
The Critical Infrastructure Resilience Institute (CIRI) conducts research and education that enhances the resiliency of the nation's critical infrastructures, and the businesses and public entities that own and operate those assets and systems.
The bill, approved by the House last month, would cover intentional damage to equipment in a critical infrastructure facility.
Nasatka Security, incorporates engineering, design, manufacturing, construction and service scope(s) with the proven ability to coordinate efforts in synchronisation to meet the critical time and quality expectations of the end user customer for critical infrastructure facilities including: homeland security, commercial, military, energy, DOJ/USMS, OBO and data centres.
The study identifies the true extent of cyberattacks experienced by critical infrastructure operators -- professionals in industries using industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT).
Stack is a data center company built from the ground up to address the full Stack of its clients' critical infrastructure needs, today and into the future.
Part of RAD's Service Assured Networking (SAN) solution for critical infrastructure, the SecFlow-1v also provides an end-to-end offering together with RAD's SecurityGateway VPN aggregator and the RADview security and event management suite.
The experience of Britain in the protection of national critical infrastructure will also be showcased.
Earlier this year, Parsons released asurveyit conducted of ICS engineers within fifteen critical infrastructure sectors.

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