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As New York Times reporter Barbara Crosette recently wrote, "national boundaries have become nearly as irrelevant to economic and political tides as they are to infectious diseases or popular music."(35) Just as the social science data developed by Progressives changed public perspectives on American society, so globalization's impact on the individual and American society is shifting expectations and perspectives.
As Barbara Crosette wrote recently in The New York Times, even the humanitarian community, once so scornful of external military intervention but now looking at too many examples of unchecked brutality where relief workers are in constant peril, has found a new belief in the old Cold War slogan of "peace through strength." Kofi Annan, the U.N.
See also Barbara Crosette, U.S., Iran Talk Relations Show Signs of Thaw; Washington Works with Tehran to End Afghans' Civil War, CHI.
(50) Barbara Crosette, "Congress Scrutinizes Peacekeeping Test Case," The New
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