cross at

cross (fix) at (altitude)

An instruction from ATC (air traffic control) operating under IFR (instrument flight rules) to cross a specified fix at a specified altitude. Instruction may state whether to cross the fix below, above, or at a specified altitude.
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This is actually two cases in one, because the case of the three teenagers has been combined with that of a Ku Klux Klan leader who burned a 25-foot cross at a Klan rally in Carroll County, Virginia, a few months later.
With the score knotted at 1 in the 17th minute, Romania intercepted a pass at the top of its penalty box, made five quick passes down the right flank, then scored on a ground cross at the near post.
In addition, the public will have the opportunity to make tax-deductible cash donations to the American Red Cross at Nextel stores.