cross beam

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cross beam, crossbeam

1. A large beam between two walls.
2. A girder that holds the sides of a building together.
3. Any beam that crosses another.
4. A strut between the walings on opposite sides of an excavation.
5. A beam which runs transversely to the center line of a structure.
6. Any transverse beam in a structure, such as a joist.
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At time 12.84 s, side piers are almost completely destroyed, the connection part between S03/S04 main pylon and lower cross beam begins to damage, and the cables do not show fracture damage (Figure 12(e)).
On the day of the accident, Mr Joyce was in a cherry picker and had removed the bolts from a steel cross beam between two plate girders on a roof of a building known as the 'burning room'.
Fasten the ridge post (part G) with four nails to the cross beam 2x6 (part D1).