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In War, there is hardly any action: soldiers are grouped round a gun rest while casualties are brought to the Red Cross post, and mail arrives, including a parcel containing a football that the soldiers kick around until the attack alarm sounds.
The Red Cross Post Conflict Recovery Programme, supported by the IFRC and its partners, including the Government of India, has provided more than 21,000 families with financial and technical help to build new homes and re-establish their lives in areas that were affected by the past conflict in Sri Lanka.
A career day by quarterback Steven Elder couldn't help Holy Cross post its second win of the season yesterday.
Gilesgate Moor Post Office in Marshall Terrace, Neville's Cross Post Office in Front Street, Durham City, East Stanley Post Office in Masefield Close, South Stanley Post Office in Hollyhill Gardens and Blackhill Post Office, in Durham Road, Consett, could be shut in November.
Two robbers burst into Herons Cross Post Office carrying baseball bats on Saturday but made off empty-handed.
A pounds 50 cheque goes to Alex Sutherland, of Aberdeen, who told me that the unique stunt used to publicise a movie was in 1934 when a horse was "mailed" from Queen's Cross Post Office to the Picture House in Aberdeen to watch a preview of Strictly Confidential.
The bandits threatened two elderly women and a man as they tried to get past security shields at Harold's Cross Post Office.
The raiders, who were wearing balaclavas and claimed to be armed, tried to hold up a male cashier at the Haden Cross Post Office in Halesowen Road, Old Hill.
net will cross post jobs on both companies' websites over the next 60 days.
He also uses LinkedIn, FourSquare and other social media sites and often cross posts the same message, or similar messages, to multiple services.