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In this paper, we will give another construction of such semigroups by using right cross product of semigroups.
Then, a right cross product M [[??].sub.[theta]] [LAMBDA] of M and [LAMBDA] is a right C-rpp semigroup.
We now begin to show how a right C-rpp semigroup S become a right cross product of M and [LAMBDA], where M is a strongly semilattice of left cancellative monoids and [LAMBDA] is a right regular band.
(II) Now we consider a construction for structure mapping [[theta].sub.[alpha],[beta]] of a right cross product M [[??].sub.[theta] [LAMBDA].
(III) We will verify that the conditions (ii) and (iii) in the right cross product of M and [LAMBDA] are satisfied by the mapping [[theta].sub.[alpha],[beta]].
and by our construction it is easy to see that the edge homomorphism [Mathematical Expression Omitted] is induced by the cross product.
This is done for computational efficiency, as well as stability: cross products of the form [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] with potentially a high condition number are avoided.