cross rib

arch rib

1. In Romanesque architecture, a transverse rib crossing the nave or aisle at right angles to its length.
2. A principal load-bearing member of a ribbed arch.
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If you're on a budget this year, substitute a cross rib roast for the prime rib--delicious, if slightly less tender, and what a price difference.
The blocks come in several colors and styles including cross rib and frosted wave.
Histioneis has a transverse or cross rib in the lower cingular list that is lacking in the genera Parahistioneis Kofoid & Skogsberg and Ornithocercus Stein.
*, or 1 boned, tied beef cross rib (chuck) roast (4to 6 lbs.) 8 garlic cloves, slivered lengthwise 1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil 1/4 cup each chopped fresh rosemary and thyme leaves or 2 tbsp.
The Roughneck is packed with features, including an all-welded ,100-gauge aluminum hull, pressed-in cross ribs, aerated livewell, bow and stern pedestal seat base and access for a dog door.
Additionally, some part shapes will be able to resist the stresses developed from the wall thickness variations of thin ribs--for example, a tube with longitudinal fins, or a bowl with internal cross ribs. There are also some part and tooling design, gating and process techniques that can be applied to help address this contrast (though these are all beyond the limits of this article).
The model features a reworked hood in the front fascia, tapering on the upper corners of the single frame grille, three-dimensionally highlighted cross ribs and Audi rings, a front bumper with angular air inlets for a more defined style, along with flat fog lamps, while the A4 allroad quattro gains unique round fog lights, a re-working of the automatic transmission operation, Audi drive select and multi-function steering wheel controls.
Paxton replicated the structural aspects of the lily pad by employing radial ribs shored up with intermediary cross ribs. To carry large sheets of curved glass, iron ribs were interlocked to stabilize the structure.
The T-shape design of the cross ribs guarantees a high lateral stiffness providing solid stability around curves.
Avoid cross ribs or ribbing on both sides of a casting.