cross rib

arch rib

1. In Romanesque architecture, a transverse rib crossing the nave or aisle at right angles to its length.
2. A principal load-bearing member of a ribbed arch.
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Tenders are invited for Procurement And Testing Of Material Realization And Supply Of 8Mm Thick Al Core Cfrp Cross Rib And Boundary Rib Type 2 Sandwiches
If you're on a budget this year, substitute a cross rib roast for the prime rib--delicious, if slightly less tender, and what a price difference.
The blocks come in several colors and styles including cross rib and frosted wave.
Histioneis has a transverse or cross rib in the lower cingular list that is lacking in the genera Parahistioneis Kofoid & Skogsberg and Ornithocercus Stein.
or 1 boned, tied beef cross rib (chuck) roast (4to 6 lbs.
The Roughneck is packed with features, including an all-welded ,100-gauge aluminum hull, pressed-in cross ribs, aerated livewell, bow and stern pedestal seat base and access for a dog door.
Additionally, some part shapes will be able to resist the stresses developed from the wall thickness variations of thin ribs--for example, a tube with longitudinal fins, or a bowl with internal cross ribs.
The model features a reworked hood in the front fascia, tapering on the upper corners of the single frame grille, three-dimensionally highlighted cross ribs and Audi rings, a front bumper with angular air inlets for a more defined style, along with flat fog lamps, while the A4 allroad quattro gains unique round fog lights, a re-working of the automatic transmission operation, Audi drive select and multi-function steering wheel controls.
Paxton replicated the structural aspects of the lily pad by employing radial ribs shored up with intermediary cross ribs.
The T-shape design of the cross ribs guarantees a high lateral stiffness providing solid stability around curves.