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crossband, crossbanding, cross core

1. In plywood, a veneer sheet whose grain is at right angles to the face veneer.
2. Any decorative band whose grain is perpendicular to the principal surface. (See illustration p. 280.)
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The movement or uneven face is the result of poor crossbanding. I suggest using poplar or one of the commercially available manufactured crossbanding materials.
Overlays, Crossbanding -- See Crossbanding--Veneer, See Crossbanding--Wood Fiber 339, 339
Veneer, Crossbanding -- See Crossbanding--Veneer 341
Basswood is, by and large, one of those non-glamorous woods popular for such low-key uses as corestock, boxes and crossbanding.
"Obviously we've become more concerned with veneer telegraphing and showing the color of the crossbanding, but we think our current equipment is doing an adequate job of preventing those problems."
Poplar veneer is used for crossbanding because it is a less expensive, light colored species that has few defects such as knots and presses well.
The pressing cycle starts with National Casein PVA glues being spread onto the poplar veneer crossbanding with a Black Bros.
Uses for sap gum include veneer for crossbanding. Lumber is used for furniture parts and cabinetry.