crossbar switch

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crossbar switch

[′krȯs‚bär ‚swich]
A switch having a three-dimensional arrangement of contacts and a magnet system that selects individual contacts according to their coordinates in the matrix.

Crossbar Switch


a relay-type switching device, used primarily in urban, rural, and long-distance automatic crossbar exchanges and automatic telegraph offices. This switch can make up to 20 connections simultaneously; the location of each connection is determined by the crosspoints of movable vertical and horizontal bars.


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crossbar switch

An earlier telephone switch. First used in the late 1930s, it was a mechanical device that used magnets and metal bars (crossbars) to close connections. Crossbar switches have been replaced with electronic switches (large-scale, specialized computer systems). See ESS and DMS. See also physical layer switch.
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The CX27301 Queue Manager device is packaged in a 680-pin plastic cavity down ball grid array (CDBGA), and the CX27302 Crossbar Switch device is packaged in a 680-pin plastic CDBGA.
Inter-module crossbar switch allowing programmable internal module connections between and among eFlexPMW, ADC, QuadTimers, DACs, HSCMPs and package pins
NanoBridge produces a highly scalable 4x4 crossbar switch, without the use of circuit selecting transistors used in conventional switches.
The NC-II carries forward such NC-I features as Faraday's proprietary FA626 ARM CPU, a programmable DMA engine, a programmable crossbar switch, PCI-X, and DDR SDRAM interfaces.
The doubling of capacity combined with the high bandwidth of Hitachi's crossbar switch architecture and virtual storage ports are key differentiators between Hitachi's products and the competition.
The XP--1000 for both Unix and Windows NT features the new Alpha 21264 microprocessor supported by a system architecture built around the Tsunami crossbar switch.
Its Convex-derived HyperPlane crossbar switch, and the new 440MHz PA 8500 chip, which equals Compaq's 600MHz Alpha 21264 in performance at the top end of the CPU charts, give it further advantages, says Illunminata.
For on-board data movement, high-speed serial links from the FMC sites, the FPGA, and the backplane are routed to a non-blocking crossbar switch.
MX31 processors leverage Freescale's Smart Speed technology architecture, an intelligent integrated approach using hardware accelerators to offload the CPU and a crossbar switch to bring parallelism to the system.
As part of the comprehensive platform, Xilinx is also providing a full mesh reference design, a second-generation programmable crossbar switch solution, and the world's first Advanced Switching core based on the AS SIG specification (also announced today: http://www.
SRC's ground solution consists of an air-cooled SRC-6 system with dual microprocessors, two Series E MAP processors, Hi-Bar crossbar switch, and multiple Common Memory banks providing 32 Gbytes of storage.