crossbar switch

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crossbar switch

[′krȯs‚bär ‚swich]
A switch having a three-dimensional arrangement of contacts and a magnet system that selects individual contacts according to their coordinates in the matrix.
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Crossbar Switch


a relay-type switching device, used primarily in urban, rural, and long-distance automatic crossbar exchanges and automatic telegraph offices. This switch can make up to 20 connections simultaneously; the location of each connection is determined by the crosspoints of movable vertical and horizontal bars.


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crossbar switch

An earlier telephone switch. First used in the late 1930s, it was a mechanical device that used magnets and metal bars (crossbars) to close connections. Crossbar switches have been replaced with electronic switches (large-scale, specialized computer systems). See ESS and DMS. See also physical layer switch.
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Switch failures occur independently in a network with a failure rate of [lambda] for 2x2 crossbar switches (a reasonable estimate for [lambda] is about [10.sup.-6]per hour)
This ccNUMA DSM system has nodes (called hypernodes) consisting of SMPs with 16 (180MHz PA-8000) processors and up to 4GB of memory with 16Gb chips, Within a hypernode, processors and memory are connected through an 8 3 8 "bars" nonblocking crossbar switch, in which each link can send and receive 960MB/sec in each direction.
The flow-control delay includes the latency of flow-control units, the crossbar switch delay, and the virtual channel controller delay.
Each of these computing engines resides on a different arm of the crossbar switch. Consequently, application software can break down its workload into tasks and assign each one to the appropriate processing element - graphics subsystem, CPU, or video compression - for execution in parallel.
NanoBridge produces a highly scalable 4x4 crossbar switch, without the use of circuit selecting transistors used in conventional switches.
If the crossbar switch provides 3.5 MHz, the mixer output will be 30.5 MHz, which when divided by 10 equals 3.05 MHz.
There are high-speed connections between these partitions across the AS/400's internal crossbar switch. In future OS/400 releases, probably OS/400 V4R5 with the Pulsar servers due in early 2000, dynamic reallocation of resources will be possible, but right now partitions are set w ith software and require a machine reboot to take effect.
The XP--1000 for both Unix and Windows NT features the new Alpha 21264 microprocessor supported by a system architecture built around the Tsunami crossbar switch. This pairing of the world's hottest chip with a robust data--movement mechanism should make the XP--1000 the fastest uniprocessor system on the market and attractive to technical professionals running computationally demanding applications such as large CAD assembly modeling and finite element analysis.
A fully non-blocking crossbar switch fabric minimizes latency within the switch to less than one microsecond.
The GLX4000 288 system is housed in a compact 8U chassis and offers flexible, expandable crossbar switch performance.
Its Convex-derived HyperPlane crossbar switch, and the new 440MHz PA 8500 chip, which equals Compaq's 600MHz Alpha 21264 in performance at the top end of the CPU charts, give it further advantages, says Illunminata.
It could handle a maximum of 56 incoming trunks and 60 agent positions using a standard crossbar switch. The 2B ACD was introduced in 1973.