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Music an ancient bowed stringed instrument; crwth
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an ancient bowed stringed instrument. It was wide-spread in Western European countries, primarily England and France, until the early 19th century. The crowd had a wooden body and six strings. Length, 550–575 mm.

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What does it mean when you dream about a crowd?

Dreaming about being in a crowd can mean many different things. We may have had anxieties about being in crowds as a child, so crowds could simply represent anxiety. We can feel good about being part of the crowd, or unhappy about being part of the herd; we may feel “lost in the crowd” and want to “stand out from the crowd.” If people are looking at the dreamer, one could be anxious about public opinion.

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Wages not keeping up with rent increases is one of the possible reasons why crowding has increased so sharply, with real household incomes increasing by 2.7 percent between 2005 and 2013, while real median rents increased by 12.8 percent.
On examination, 28 and 38 were impacted and he had crowding of anterior teeth on left side more on lower jaw.
The same column lamented the crowding at Middle School 141 in the Bronx, which grew by 73 students that year.
All maxillary and mandibular teeth were aligned, the maxillary spaces were closed and the mandibular crowding resolved.
"It's widely believed that cultures vary in their tolerance to crowding," Evans and his colleagues write.
The results showed that the difference in arch width was statistically significant along all points of measurement between crowding and non-crowding group in both the genders with the crowding group having smaller arch dimensions in both the genders.
Cephalogram tracings were used to determine vertical parameters such as Maxilla to Mandibular plane angle and Lower Facial height and study casts were used for Lower incisor crowding. The Pearson Chi square test was used to determine whether vertical parameters play a significant part in the development of Lower incisor crowding or not.
Although crowding places significant stress on piping plovers and perhaps on sanderlings as well, many complicated factors underlie bird-population declines, cautions Anne Hecht, an endangered species biologist who works with Andrews.
The purpose of this study was to assess the prevalence of permanent incisor crowding in the maxillary and mandibular arches among Saudi schoolchildren.
Average arch length was found 77.4mm to 82.7mm in upper arch with no crowding and 72.5mm to 76.1mm in crowded group.