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Chemical treatments to reduce the incidence of root and crown rot relied in the past on methyl bromide fumigation (Wang et al, 2014).
Dual culture of non-phytopathogenic and phytopathogenic fungi was done to determine antagonistic relationship of fungi co occurring in crown rot of guava fruits.
Significance of Lasiodiplodia theobromae and Colletotrichum musae in causing crown rot in banana and their reaction on some commercial banana cultivars.
latipons were found in combination with root and crown rot fungi, Bipolaris sorokiniana, Fusarium culmorum, F.
Before planting, the researchers introduced Phytophthora capsici to the fields, an oomycete that causes crown rot and root rot, so they could track control rates.
The company boasts Cupid is the only variety to have natural disease resistance to verticillium wilt, mildew, blackspot and crown rot.
Crown rot, which occurs when water settles around the base of a clumping, dry climate grass, is usually lethal.
Set them in the ground with their crowns (the point where their roots and top structure join) slightly higher than the surrounding soil level to avoid crown rot.
amp; Broome], moderately susceptible to leaf rust and susceptible to stripe rust and crown rot (caused by Fusarium spp.
Cyclamen should never be watered from above which encourages crown rot.
A post-harvest fungicide is applied to bananas before they're shipped to prevent crown rot.