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hanging on a crosscross,
widely used symbol. In various forms, it can be found in such diverse cultures as those of ancient India, Egypt, and pre-Columbian North America. It also is found in the megalithic monuments of Western Europe.
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, in ancient times a method of capital punishmentcapital punishment,
imposition of a penalty of death by the state. History

Capital punishment was widely applied in ancient times; it can be found (c.1750 B.C.) in the Code of Hammurabi.
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. It was practiced widely in the Middle East but not by the Greeks. The Romans, who may have borrowed it from Carthage, reserved it for slaves and despised malefactors. They used it frequently, as in the civil wars and in putting down the Jewish opposition. Crucifixion was probably at first a modification of hanging on a tree or impaling on a pole, and from such a connection come the synonyms tree and rood (i.e., rod or pole) for Jesus' cross. The Romans used mostly the T cross, the Latin cross, or St. Andrew's cross. Most ancient sources describe the cross Jesus died on as a Latin cross, the type most common in the liturgy of the West. It was common practice among the Romans to scourge the prisoner and to require him to carry his cross to the place of crucifixion. The prisoner was either nailed or tied to the cross, and, to induce more rapid death, his legs were often broken. Crucifixion was abolished when the empire became Christian. See also CalvaryCalvary
[Lat.,=a skull] or Golgotha
[Heb.,=a skull], in the Gospels, place where Jesus was crucified, outside what was then the wall of Jerusalem. Its location is not certainly known. The traditional identification of the site of Calvary was made by St.
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 and Good ThiefGood Thief
or Penitent Thief,
in the New Testament, the malefactor crucified with Jesus who did not revile Him; Jesus promised him Paradise that day. In the Roman martyrology his feast is Mar. 25. His name in tradition is Dismas or Desmas, that of the other thief Gesmas.
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What does it mean when you dream about crucifixion?

Beyond the obvious religious connotations, a dream crucifixion can represent an excruciatingly painful situation. Feelings of guilt or, alternatively, feelings of being a scapegoat. Crucifixion can also be an initiatory symbol, representing the “death” that takes place before rebirth.

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1. the crucifying of Christ at Calvary, regarded by Christians as the culminating redemptive act of his ministry
2. a picture or representation of this
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A couple of angels look like Cordillera gods and the Crucifixion scene inside a glass bottle is said to have been Bilibid inmates' income-producing activity.
Lucia, crucifixion was still the penitence preferred by Melchor Montoya, 64; Danilo Ramos, 48; and Fernando Mamangun, 48.
The crucifixions are, as usual, the highlights of the reenactment of Jesus' final hours on earth.
Anthony defines crucifixion broadly to include posthumous crucifixion as a means of desecrating the body in addition to crucifixion as a method of execution.
In Christianity, The Passion of Christ is the short final period in the life of Jesus covering his entrance visit to Jerusalem and leading to his crucifixion on Mount Calvary in 1st Century Palestine.
[and when recaptured they found all had been bayoneted] with the exception of a sergeant, and that the Germans had removed the figure of Christ from the large village crucifix and fastened [him] while alive to the cross ..." The Member of Parliament went on to inquire if "crucifixion ...
Sung evensong was held in the evening and the joint choirs from St Mary's, Honley, and St George's led the worship and sang two pieces from Stainer's Crucifixion.
Yet Dillenberger studies in detail those pictures he created using religious material, stressing the religious world that he would have experienced as a boy, some very early works with religious themes (a striking First Communion among them), the profound experiences of losing a sister and, later, a close friend which found quasi-religious expression in his work, a number of crucifixions (mainly drawings, but including the remarkable 1930 Crucifixion), the Man with a Lamb bronze of 1944 (clearly a 'good shepherd'), his paintings for the chapel at Vallauris, the pervasive presence of religious themes in Guernica, and finally, fascinatingly, a chapter on Picasso's use of pagan religious elements in bull-fighting that in a number of 1959 drawings are assimilated to crucifixion imagery.
London, Apr 3 ( ANI ): A new analysis of the Shroud of Turin suggests that whoever created it thought crucifixion involved the hands being nailed above the head.
Jesus suffered crucifixion, died, and rose again on the third day.
Killing Jesus: The Unknown Conspiracy Behind the World's Most Famous Execution provides a powerful analysis of the crucifixion of Jesus and documents the political and spiritual myths surrounding the event.
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