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Mr Crumby, who was known better as Mick, fought in the D-Day landings in Normandy and revisited the beaches in the 1980s.
The practice may not have been a crime, but it was clearly crumby.
You think I'm just nervous about meeting some crumby old teacher?
Crumby conditions had become legendary in many of the region's schools before the Labour Government got round to do something about it.
Our veterinarian recommended changing the bowl that we feed Crumby in, and asked us to buy some acne cream from the drug store.
But that won't kickstart an economy in which millions of workers are without jobs and homes or who are on crumby wages and up to their necks in debt.
I'd read the mag and then go to this music store in a crumby strip mall that had all these punk rock gems.
Marla's stove was stacked with crumby baking pans, and beyond Mom in the living room the ashen face of the TV reflected the ocean and sky.
After brunch, the crumby dishes stacked, Mark and Miranda don't return to bed, although they've planned on it all last week.
It must be a particularly crumby cake this week--how stupid of me.
But it was actually much swisher than a crumby cafe - a pucka posh gaff, in fact.
Clark, Robyn Crumby, Celeste Franklin, Amy Garrett, Ashley L.