crushed rock

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crushed stone, crushed rock

The product resulting from the artificial crushing of rocks, boulders, or large cobblestones, substantially all faces of which have been crushed. Also see coarse aggregate.
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After the crushed rock is moved from the mountaintops into the nearby valleys, over time the rocks and coal residue leach into both those streams and others in the surrounding area, putting salt and contaminants into the water.
Crushed Rock. Type 2505 crushed rock (density 2.097 g/ [cm.sup.3]), as classified by Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) A5005-1988, was packed into the boreholes; this is commonly used in concrete in Japan (Figure 3).
As stated in their ASTM standards, standard and modified Proctor tests are not applicable for gravels and crushed rock.
That will be dug up and replaced with 12 inches of crushed rock, topped with 8 inches of asphalt paving, he said.
The crushed rock is then spilled onto the ground in separate piles where it is stockpiled or transported to work sites.
For high-traffic areas, such as paths and patios, use manmade crushed rock. Because the pieces bind together well, they create a more stable surface for walking.
The pits filled with radioactive water, from which Navajos and their animals drank; children played near the tailings; and their parents used the sand and crushed rock to build radioactive dwellings.
"Some [contractors] want to crush the concrete, remove the rebar and leave the crushed rock on the jobsite--this is a good tool for that."
The European Commission announced on 7 September that it has cleared the proposed takeover of Foster Yeoman, a privately-owned British heavy building materials group, by Aggregates International of the UK, a subsidiary of the Holcim Group (Switzerland), which is active in aggregates, asphalt and road surfacing, as well as in cement and concrete.aBoth Aggregates International and Foster Yeoman are active in the markets for aggregates (mostly sand, gravel and crushed rock), asphalt production and road surfacing, but almost exclusively within the UK.
Hanson is one of the world's largest producers of aggregates such as crushed rock, sand and gravel, and also of concrete products, clay bricks and ready mixed concrete.
Gritters - more often used to put down anti-icing material in freezing winters - have been out spraying crushed rock dust to carriageways in some parts of the country where tar is sticking to tyres.
Meanwhile, the super hot weather has thrown up the bizarre sight of gritting lorries ( that ultimate symbol of winter ( taking to the roads in Northumberland, County Durham and Cumbria to spread crushed rock dust on to melting tarmac to prevent car tyres from picking up tar and further damaging the road surfaces.