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Music an ancient bowed stringed instrument; crwth



an ancient bowed stringed instrument. It was wide-spread in Western European countries, primarily England and France, until the early 19th century. The crowd had a wooden body and six strings. Length, 550–575 mm.

What does it mean when you dream about a crowd?

Dreaming about being in a crowd can mean many different things. We may have had anxieties about being in crowds as a child, so crowds could simply represent anxiety. We can feel good about being part of the crowd, or unhappy about being part of the herd; we may feel “lost in the crowd” and want to “stand out from the crowd.” If people are looking at the dreamer, one could be anxious about public opinion.

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This time it is the turn of Cardiff duo Bragod - crwth player Robert Evans and singer Mary Anne Roberts - who join forces with Sattar Khan (flute and dholak) and singer Chugge Khan.
Mae Cass Meurig o Gwm-y-Glo yn adnabyddus fel ffidlwraig, ac fel un o brif chwaraewyr y crwth - offeryn cenedlaethol mwyaf unigryw Cymru.
jIUjitsu tO shOE manOEUvre tOO wOOEd pOOH OOHEd [and aahed] sOUp mOUE thrOUGH brOUGHAm cOUP trou-de-lOUPS rendezvOUS rendezvOUSEd ragOUT rOUX tUtU blUE glUHwein suit flUOride debUT debUTEd mUUmUU crWth tWO
Mae C assMeurig - fel unawdydd ac fel aelod o Bigyn Clust - yn enwog yng Nghymru am ei gwaith o atgyfodi'r crwth fel offeryn cyfoes.
They include harpists Catrin Finch and Robin Huw Bowen, crwth player Cass Meurig, the Breton-born mother and daughters who sing together as The Kloaregs, Ceri Rhys Matthews and Julie Murphy, who have children in common as well as the group Fernhill, the Aberystwyth JUST READ Steve Dub Having used his camera and pen to praise horses in Wales in his first book, Hoofpicks, published last year, Cardwell, who plays guitar, flute, violin, citrain and Uillean pipes in The Backroom Band, turns to another love of his life with a celebration of acoustic musicians in Wales.
The crwth - a distant relative of the violin - and the pibgorn - a reed hornpipe - are thought to be unique to Wales and produce highly distinctive, wailing sounds.
This beautiful book celebrates the enormous diversity delivered by acoustic instruments ranging from the medieval and uniquely Welsh, like the crwth, to the downright eccentric like guitarist Dave King's ramkie, which he made from a five-litre oil can, a piece of wooden shelving and some bent roofing bolts.