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Music an ancient bowed stringed instrument; crwth
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an ancient bowed stringed instrument. It was wide-spread in Western European countries, primarily England and France, until the early 19th century. The crowd had a wooden body and six strings. Length, 550–575 mm.

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What does it mean when you dream about a crowd?

Dreaming about being in a crowd can mean many different things. We may have had anxieties about being in crowds as a child, so crowds could simply represent anxiety. We can feel good about being part of the crowd, or unhappy about being part of the herd; we may feel “lost in the crowd” and want to “stand out from the crowd.” If people are looking at the dreamer, one could be anxious about public opinion.

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The instrumentalists play baroque flute and violin, harpsichord, guitar and crwth and are joined by Siona Stockel, soprano.
The five players accompany the singers on a range of instruments, including crwth, along with flutes, strings, keyboards and percussion.
Mae Cass Meurig o Gwm-y-Glo yn adnabyddus fel ffidlwraig, ac fel un o brif chwaraewyr y crwth - offeryn cenedlaethol mwyaf unigryw Cymru.
uu slEUth drEW brEWEd rHEUm silHOUette lIEU SIOUx (pl.) SIOUX (sing.) jIUjitsu tO shOE manOEUvre tOO wOOEd pOOH OOHEd [and aahed] sOUp mOUE thrOUGH brOUGHAm cOUP trou-de-lOUPS rendezvOUS rendezvOUSEd ragOUT rOUX tUtU blUE glUHwein suit flUOride debUT debUTEd mUUmUU crWth tWO
This time it is the turn of Cardiff duo Bragod - crwth player Robert Evans and singer Mary Anne Roberts - who join forces with Sattar Khan (flute and dholak) and singer Chugge Khan.
SongChain is a celebration of Welsh music heritage, which brings together 10 noted musicians for an evening that begins with an ancient melody played on the Welsh crwth - the first musician is joined by another to form a duet, each giving a bilingual introduction.
Mae C assMeurig - fel unawdydd ac fel aelod o Bigyn Clust - yn enwog yng Nghymru am ei gwaith o atgyfodi'r crwth fel offeryn cyfoes.
The crwth - a distant relative of the violin - and the pibgorn - a reed hornpipe - are thought to be unique to Wales and produce highly distinctive, wailing sounds.
Ond o leia roedd 'na ambell beth cofiadwy eleni, o glywed y gan "Gwared y Briodas" gan Lawrence Huxham am y tro cynta (hoffi'r sentiment, ddim yn siwr am y crwth), ac yna cawsom brofi darlledu damwain car (ymddiheuriadau am yr ymadrodd) wrth weld Heno yn crafu'r gwaelod gyda Rhodri Ogwen.
Yn ystod y dydd Sadwrn mae gweithdai ffidil ac offerynnau eraill gan gynnwys siawns i drio'r crwth (hen offeryn Cymreig), yn ogystal a chlocsio a gweithgareddau i blant megis chwedleua, dringo a sgiliau syrcas.