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In the end-pumped setup, the distribution of the temperature inside the laser crystal is a function of the absorbed power density, which in turn takes the shape of distributed light pumping at any vertical section on the axis of the crystal laser and parallel to the trend of pumping beam; on the one hand, the intensity of light pumping decreases along the z-axs and is subject to the law of absorption.
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In comparison with earlier works, this one gathers all four possible scenarios and analyzes them in the wide range of the coupling coefficient values, extending the two-dimensional coupled-wave model for triangular lattice photonic crystal laser to describe threshold behavior of the TM-like modes.
* Crystal: The most common near-IR crystal laser is neodynium YAG (Nd: YAG), which is a single-wavelength laser operating at 1.06 [[micro]meter] (at the edge of but within the range in which some NVGs operate).
One type of laser is a ruby crystal laser, shown in Figure 2, in which the pumped-up energy is concentrated on a ruby rod through the use of mirrors rather than waveguides.
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Optaphi will demonstrate compact sensors that can be used in unmanned aerial vehicles for environment sensing, as low cost sensors for food monitoring and in industrial process analytical technology, and produce new state of the art quantum cascade lasers and hybrid photonic crystal lasers customised for qepas and pts.
They cover nanoscale metallo-dielectric coherent light sources, optically pumped semiconductor photonic crystal lasers, electrically pumped photonic crystal lasers: laser diodes and quantum cascade lasers, photonic-crystal vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSEL), III-V compact lasers integrated onto silicon-on-insulator (SOI), semiconductor micro-ring, and nonlinearity in semiconductor micro-ring lasers.
Dr Damian Gardiner and co-researchers at the University of Cambridge (UK) have set up ilumink Ltd, a new company to further develop and commercialise the use of printed liquid crystal lasers for security printing and product authentication, a process he and colleagues developed for the university.