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A monochromatic beam was obtained by means of a Si(111) double crystal monochromator. Experiments were performed at the Ca K-edge in transmission mode.
To obtain details of the microscopic structure of the elastomers, we performed temperature dependent X-ray diffraction measurements at beamline BL15 of the Kyushu Synchrotron Light Research Center (Japan), where we used 8.00 keV X-rays (wavelength = 1.550 A) filtered by a double crystal monochromator and an image plate system with 4096 x 8040 pixels and 50 [micro]m resolution.
In operation, the beam line is passed through an undulator and then a crystal monochromator. Optical output is then passed through a zone plate objective lens and focused through an aperture onto the sample, which is raster scanned.
2), with its double crystal monochromator (DCM) was funded by the Ontario Centre for Material Research (OCMR) in 1987.
Smaller x-ray spot The heart of the Quantum 2000 is a redesigned quartz crystal monochromator, which produces a focused x-ray beam [is less than] 10-[micro] dia.
Monochromatic photons from 20 eV to 4000 eV are available on a grazing incidence monochromator beamline (funded by NSERC and NRC), and a double crystal monochromator beamline (funded by the Ontario Centre for Materials Research (OCMR)), while a third beamline gives filtered unmonochromatized SR for imaging and tomography studies.
Optimization of the 0.89 nm beamline includes characterizing the double crystal monochromator and the downstream guides.
Before falling onto the skew-symmetric interferometer the incident neutron beam was collimated and monochromatized by the 220-Bragg reflection of a Si perfect crystal monochromator placed in the thermal neutron guide H25.