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After performing ground-based tests with the configuration shown in Figure 1, the students plotted the output of the crystal oscillator under test against the acceleration and, using Equation 2, determined the [gamma] of each crystal that they subjected to the experiment.
A for the first time in the world for an AT-cut crystal oscillator with 32kHz despite its small size.
3 Status quo and future demand of crystal oscillator industry
Engineers used to waiting up to months from other vendors can expect to receive the new IDT crystal oscillators in two weeks or less.
Now, TXC, the primary supplier of crystal oscillators to iPhone 5's built-in touch screens, has been pushed to increase the supply to 10 million units in August and 15 million units in October since Sharp has fixed the low-yield problem with its built-in touch screen production.
Higher value-added-type products such as oven-controlled crystal oscillators, voltage-controlled crystal oscillators (VCXO) and temperature-compensated crystal oscillators (TCXO), all of which start from lower bases, are expected to enjoy higher growth.
2008 was long anticipated as the crossover year when MEMS oscillators would overtake crystal oscillators on a cost basis.
a Tokyo based consulting firm, reported that the production levels and order results of crystal oscillators for automotive applications is a practical indicator to tell the automotive market conditions.
World shipments and revenues are provided for each product type: crystals, uncompensated crystal oscillators (XO), temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXO), voltage controlled crystal oscillators (VCXO), and oven controlled crystal oscillators (OCXO).
NASDAQ: SLAB), a leader in high-performance, analog-intensive, mixed-signal ICs, today announced its entry into the consumer timing market with the introduction of the industry's highest stability 100 percent CMOS oscillator, offering a replacement for crystal oscillators (XOs) with shorter lead times, lower cost, higher reliability and higher performance.
NEW YORK -- The markets for crystals and crystal oscillators will more than double during the next five years due to the increasing demand worldwide for high-end consumer electronic goods and wireless devices, according to a new study from Visant Strategies.