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This report includes measurements on (1) silicon used in the Vacuum Double Crystal Spectrometer (VDCS) of the PML at NIST and the gamma-ray instruments at the ILL, (2) a second silicon sample used in the gamma-ray instruments, (3) silicon used in the vacuum double crystal spectrometer at LKB (known by the local acronym DCS), (4) silicon used in the Parallel Beam Diffractometer (PBD) of the MML at NIST and to produce SRMs 640d, 640e, and 640f, (5) a second silicon sample also used to produce SRMs 640d, 640e, and 640f, and (6) silicon used to produce SRM 640c.
Crystals for the LKB Vacuum Double Crystal Spectrometer
Inexpensive photonic crystal spectrometer for colorimetric sensing applications.
The single crystal spectrometer allowed absolute angle measurements with a mean total angle dividing error of 0.12" arc-sec and an angular step size of 0.06" [43].
For graduate and undergraduate students and scientists in materials and catalysis, physicists and chemists explain the X-ray light sources, detectors, and crystal spectrometers for photon-in photon-out core level spectroscopy, as well as the plethora of spectroscopic techniques that have been developed for it.
The instrument he used had crystal spectrometers of unnecessarily high wavelength resolution and inherent mechanical instability.